Cher’s Meltdown Proves How Deep Misandry Runs in Anglo Culture


Cher’s fantasies of Anglocuck emasculation go public

No man who has experienced the special hell that Anglo culture has become should be surprised when fiery coals of misandrist hate spew forth from the furnace of modern feminism.

The latest display of innate, ingrained male hatred: Cher has come out in favor of all but castration for men in the declining, culturally sick American Empire. Breitbart reports:

Left-wing pop icon Cher suggested in a recent social media post that women create laws over men’s bodies like banning the use of Viagra and giving the death penalty for those men who use massage parlors.

Yes, getting a hand job as Patriots owner Robert Kraft is purported to have done in an Asian massage parlor is something modern Anglo women, “owners” of sex apparently want to kill men over. You got to pay these hos with a Land Rover or McMansion to get some lousy lovin’ from an HPV-infested orifice. A $100 bill on the nightstand will not do.

Cher also called for all men to be circumsized and to present either medical paperwork certifying the circumcision or to pull out their penises and prove it on feminist command.

How long before “circumcision” becomes “castration” in modern day Babylon?

Predictably, there was no outcry from feminist controlled mainstream media. Imagine the outcry if grooms demanded “papers” certifying an intact hymen before wifing up one of these prizes?

One wonders how much more denigration and masturbation Anglocucks will put up with before taking on the feminist movement head to head.

My prediction? They won’t be leaving their masturbatoriums and wielding pitchforks any time soon.

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Notes from a Dystopian America, 2019


Hell couldn’t be much worse than modern America

I see a pregnant woman working the late shift in a convenience store and my first thought isn’t, “Aww, a family is forming.” No, my first thought is: Who is the poor bastard who is going to be on the hook for 18 years of debt slavery and possible imprisonment as his reward for being a dad? Yes, there are exceptions and families do rarely stay together. But, we all know this is the exception rather than the rule. All she has to do is throw “dad” under the bus. With a distant look in her eye, she overcharges me for my stuff and I bring up the fact she rang up one of my items twice. She denies it, puffs out her chest, and rather than starting a fight over 99 cents I just let it go. Normally, I’d raise hell, but it’s already been a rough day as my company’s corporate credit card was declined – yes, it was fucking declined – after I had to spend all day scamming a ride from the mechanic to the hotel room while my aging truck is worked on.

Earlier this week, I stopped for diesel fuel. Walking in, I saw a young white male dressed up in his Army uniform about to report for duty. I couldn’t resist asking, “Why would you fight for a country that hates you?” Stunned, he didn’t really have an answer. He murmured something about paying for school. I could tell by the look on his face he knew I was right. This country sees you as nothing but fresh meat for the grinder, a worker bee to exploit if you are a white male.

In my travels, I visit a lot of big corporations. You know, those corporations that broadcast their gleaming, sparking images to the world. The dirty underbelly of these manufacturers of consumer crap is stunningly different from what they want the world to believe. The dungeon-like reality is the polar opposite of the glossy image. Often, entering one of these manufacturers of say, wash powders or even candy is like entering prisons complete with facial scans and demands for ID and signing away rights before entering the compound. Seeing where the things we buy are produced vs. seeing the image presented of these products in the media can be nauseating when when compares and contrasts the two. It’s stunning to see the disconnect first hand. America’s carefully crafted image is nothing but make believe.

I’ve been noticing I’ve had the give a fuck taken right out of me in my 9 months that I’ve been ghosting/working in the matrix. My mood is bleak most of the time. The social environment here is awful, no matter which state you’re in. It has been a painful experience as I work out the money to leave again. From blue haired fatties populating the checkout lanes as I buy groceries, to the snooty looks women give me for being alive in the hotels I stay in when my truck is broken down, to the Orwellian two minutes hate I see the few times I catch a glance of the cheap, mainstream media talking heads in musty suits, America is truly one of the most miserable places I can imagine. This is why I haven’t been writing as much. This country literally sucks the will to live right out of me.

On a brighter note, Candace Owens and Roseanne Barr were giving the #MeToo movement hell on Candace’s new show this week. Owens also said the closest thing she’s seen to white supremacy is the feminist movement. Indeed, feminists walk around the U.S. as if men like me are nothing but dirt under their feet. I truly despise them.

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Trump Betrays Base, Calls for More Ethnic Cleansing of Whites

photo of family on seashore

Targeted for ethnic cleansing: The traditional American family

In case anyone is still in doubt about the motivations of the fat, orange fraud Donald Trump, the epitome of The Enemy Within who Cicero wrote about, Drumpf stopped hiding his betrayal of Heritage Americans this week. In fact, President Trump went into full ethnic cleansing mode by calling for MORE immigration in a nation in which the native population are quickly becoming strangers in their own land.

Trump says the immigrants are needed to fill jobs in a nation that already has more people than it can employ. In his typical, sixth grade manner of speaking Trump told reporters:

We want to have the companies grow and the only way they’re going to grow is if we give them the workers and the only way we’re going to have the workers is to do exactly what we’re doing.

What this is really about is allowing corporations to maximize profit by lowering wages and making themselves turnoverproof. Of course, working conditions will continue to worsen as happens when there is more labor supply than demand.

NumbersUSA, who tracks the demographic displacement of Americans from their homeland via globalist ethnic cleansing policies wasted no time issuing a statement reminding Trump of what a liar he is. Rosemary Jenks of NumbersUSA wrote:

I would certainly hope, that in order to keep his campaign promises that before even talking about expanding legal immigration, he would work with employers to recruit the 50 million working-age Americans who are outside the labor market.

Yep, 50 million Americans already can’t find work and this fat bastard wants to bring in more unskilled, low wage labor for the parasitical corporate ownership class to exploit.

Trump’s betrayal came on the heels of news that American households are slowly being sucked dry of their net worth. American households just posted the largest decline in net worth since the 2008 financial crisis. From CNBC:

Net worth dropped to $104.3 trillion as the year came to an end, a decrease of $3.73 trillion from the third quarter, according to figures released Thursday by the Federal Reserve. The fall amounted to a drop of 3.4 percent.

Still, Trump wants to bring in legions of laborers (and future Democrat Socialist voters) to compete with Americans for dwindling assets.

What a lowlife. I always felt that guy was nothing but a creation of focus groups and public relations flacks.

In winning the presidency, Trump landed the acting role of a lifetime: The tough talking, ‘Murica loving president. In reality, he’s the matador who takes this mighty bull of a nation down once and for all.

Legislators up there at Sodom on the Potomac continue the most thoroughgoing betrayal of a population by its own government ever seen in history. What a spectacle to witness.

Due to Sloppy Work by America’s “Gotcha” Police State, Robert Kraft Could Win Prostitution Case

There could be a “happy ending” to New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s bullsh!st prostitution case in Florida after all.

The New York Post is reporting the case against him is full of holes and shoddy police work, a testament to the “gotcha” nature of America’s metastasizing police and surveillance states. Each has a bulging erection brought on by a tyrannical desire to ladle out injustices to undeserving people – all in the name of strong arming the populace into unquestioning submission of unjust authority.

Being a billionaire means you can buy the best lawyers money can buy, so why not fight back tooth and nail against a shithole backwater like the United States is turning into? Kraft’s lawyer told the press:

A number of things jump out for me after reading the affidavit. When the police allege that vulnerable women are effectively being held as sex slaves, I would ask why the police didn’t move faster to get these women out of danger?

Indeed, why did they let these supposed damsels in distress languish in sex slavery for months on end if they were in such danger? Probably because they knew there was no human trafficking going on. (Police have since reversed their original narrative on this, but once again offer up p!ss poor evidence on the matter.)

Any man who has lived in Anglo America knows this matriarchal society hates straight men with a passion and loves to embarrass them any way it can, which brings us to our next statement from Kraft’s attorney Eric Snyder:

The investigators seemed more concerned about obtaining highly embarrassing video footage to shame the customers, rather than acting faster to stop an illegal operation keeping vulnerable women in ‘sexual servitude.’

As TNMM has been reporting for years, this sex-hating culture loves to sex shame heterosexual men. Pride can march down the street swinging their twig and berries at your son on Main Street, but if you so much as leave a $100 bill on the nightstand after getting a hand job for some sexual relief America’s thugs in blue will throw you onto the pavement in a fashion befitting serial killers – not the professors, blue collar workers and other productive men these silly sex stings routinely catch in their fishnets.

Snyder continues torpedoing the state’s case against Kraft:

There’s also no proof in the affidavit that he solicited anything from the women. It is possible that this could have been a legal and consensual act between adults and there does not seem to be evidence to prove otherwise. So the facts supporting a misdemeanor charge of solicitation really don’t jump out at you.

There’s little doubt the lady who serviced Kraft did it of her own volition. As George Carlin famously observed, “Selling is legal, f*cking is legal, so why isn’t it legal to sell f*cking? That question does pose quite the legal contradiction. However, anyone who has lived in this declining empire knows that in America, “My body, my choice” only applies to killing the unborn. Not to fulfilling a human being’s innate sexual desires.

Snyder also calls into question America’s growing – and unconstitutional – surveillance state. Apparently, low wage, low education, Napoleon complex cops think they can just set up a camera inside a business without anyone’s permission.

Second, the video was not legally obtained, the police seemed to ignore the necessity requirement for such an intrusive measure like planting a camera in the premises.

The law stipulates police should only seek warrants for surveillance cameras if no other evidence is available to support their case, so Kraft’s lawyers could argue the video footage is not legal and an invasion of privacy.

Police State USA’s cops love to charge citizens with technicalities, so it’s all the more delicious when their underhanded tactics backfire on them:

And third, I doubt the traffic stop was legal either. So the evidence will likely be suppressed [by Kraft’s legal team] if there is ever a trial.

Yeah, the cops pulled him over on a fake traffic violation to top off this travesty of injustice.

Hopefully, this case gets thrown out before it ever makes it to court, and America’s voyeuristic police get exposed for the bottom-feeding, sex-hating oppressors they truly are.

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Fake Human Trafficking Narrative Appears Again with Robert Kraft Arrest


The owner of a Super Bowl winning team, and humanitarian is the latest victim of America’s fake human trafficking narrative

The anti-sex, anti-pleasure, and increasingly, anti-human Anglo-American Matrix is up to its old tricks again: Creating fake narratives to increase the reach and scope of its totalitarian police state. Humanity’s oldest profession and the fundamental basis of all marriage in the Anglosphere, prostitution has morphed into “human trafficking” in the nation’s lust to justify ever-increasing police stings in which thugs dressed in blue literally barge into heterosexual bedrooms and pull consenting couples off each other.

The latest case: Robert Kraft, owner of Super Bowl champions the New England Patriots, was “busted” for getting sexual relief in the form of a hand job at an Asian massage parlor by Puritanical police in South Florida.

As is the norm with this hysterical culture, the punishment for a hand job doesn’t fit the so-called crime. From CCN:

The 77-year-old widower faces up to a year in jail if convicted of the two misdemeanor charges. Kraft will also be required pay a $5,000 fine, do 100 hours of community service, and attend a class on human trafficking.

Yes, Kraft must attend a class on human trafficking, even though there was no human trafficking at the massage parlor. Only willing adults conducting willing business transactions.

The prosecuting attorney, the typical, psuedo-do-gooder, and matriarchal media whore even admitted there was absolutely no evidence of human trafficking, but only after the narrative that “sex slaves” were being traded had been lodged in the public mind by the pathetic mainstream media. Continuing from CCN:

[Prosecuting attorney] Dave Aronberg even hyped the incident as akin to “modern-day slavery.” However, he admits that NO ONE has been charged with human trafficking.

In addition, authorities say the masseuses could have walked out anytime. How is that “slavery?”

“They could’ve walked out into the street and asked for help,” Martin County Sheriff Snyder said. “But they didn’t.”

Moreover, there’s zero evidence that Robert Kraft knew that the masseuses could theoretically have been trafficking victims. But press-whore prosecutors love salacious headlines and having celebrities tangentially caught in their webs because it raises their profiles.

At least this time, the fake human trafficking narrative kicked off a Twitter backlash, with even establishment hacks like Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera calling the underhanded police tactics a “grossly unfair smear.”

Some of us in alt-media have long been following this attempt by the U.S. to create a problem that doesn’t exist. The one common thread in all these “human trafficking” busts? Police never find human trafficking, only run of the mill prostitution with willing adults. Nobody is ever being held as a “sex slave” but the narrative marches on, leveling injustices on sexually frustrated American men. The ultimate goal of this sham government seems to be to make straight men’s lives a living hell.

So who did the “heroic” police get off the streets this time around? A lonely widower of a wife of 48 years, a productive citizen who owns a Super Bowl winning team, and a man who has donated $100 million to charity. CCN writes:

Kraft has a reputation for being a soft-spoken, humble businessman who has done a lot of charity work over the years.

The only crime Kraft truly committed was being a white man with a functioning libido in a shithole of a country like the United States.

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Where Is Caesar?


Will a Caesar come as the American fake democracy spirals out of control?

As Western governments continue to betray their citizens, beating them down with ever increasing heights of insanity the comments sections of most any publication are alight with people calling for an end to the Fake Democracy that America, Inc. and its cohorts in Europe The Fallen are foisting onto the world.

Just one example: France, now a socialist hellhole has made the abolition of the terms “mother” and “father” in public schools official policy. There is no mother and father in the Brave New World. Only Parent 1 and Parent 2. The destruction of the family isn’t enough for those bent on reducing humanity to farm animals. No, they must totally dehumanize the population.

As repeated betrayals undermine faith in the Republican vs. Democrat, liberal vs. conservative sideshow in Western fake democracies, only one question remains: Where is our Caesar predicted in Decline Of The West? When will he come to smash the rotten edifice of democracy, seize the assets of the evil oligarchs, and at least temporarily, stop the hemorrhaging of a civilization now on its deathbed?

When the time comes, the people will welcome him.

P.S. It’s not that fake ass Trump.

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File Under: “Primitive Human Conditions Slowly Thrust Up Into the Highly Civilized Mode of Living”


Homelessness is epidemic in many American cities

As time goes on and the Decline Of The West accelerates, sending this once great civilization into oblivion the predictions of Oswald Spengler for the destruction of Western civilization become evermore prescient. In fact, his century old book has become a virtual play by play of events unfolding before our very eyes.

Have a look at the model for yourself, and see why Decline Of The West is one of the founding philosophies of The New Modern Man. Recent headlines have only magnified the growing rot in Western urban centers, fulfilling the fateful line ascribed in Decline Of The West: Primitive human conditions slowly thrust up into the highly civilized mode of living.

Among the growing tent cities, surging poverty, encroaching squalor, legalized (in Denver) human urination and defecation in the streets, open drug use, and unpunished mass invasions already evident in so many American metropolises (plus, coming soon further displacement of the workforce by automation in this unhinged Faustian machine-worshipping culture) a new problem has arisen – once eradicated diseases like typhus are reappearing. From Daily Mail:

Officials at Los Angeles’ City Hall are considering ripping all of the building’s carpets up, as rats and fleas are said to be running riot in its halls.

A motion was filed by Council President Herb Wesson on Wednesday to enact the much needed makeover amid a typhus outbreak in the downtown area.

Wesson said a city employee had contracted the deadly bacterial disease at work, and now he’s urging officials to investigate the ‘scope’ of the long-running pest problem at the council building.

A similar scene plays out up the left coast in Oregon. From a local news affiliate:

Amid the trash, human despair and anguish, one weeping woman prepared to leave the most recent place she knows as home without any real inkling of where she’ll go next.

Terry Balow, an outreach worker with the Salvation Army, has been here for the darker moments of living life under a bridge — anger, mental illness, drug use and human frustration boiling over at times everywhere one looks.

Yet it was a rat infestation and concern about human health that prompted the city of Salem to move the campers out.

“It just grew and grew and got worse,” Balow said. “It’s badder than people can imagine.”

And in San Fransicko, open drug use is unpunished by the same cops who have no issue barging into bedrooms to knock paying men off willing ladies of the night. Another local news station writes:

Public drug use is generally ignored. One woman told us, “It’s nasty seeing people shoot up — right in front of you. Police don’t do anything about it! They’ll get somebody for drinking a beer but walk right past people using needles.”

Such urban decay and filth are also descending onto world-renowned cities like Paris and London. The signs are growing: The West is about to fall.

Those who see what’s coming are already making moves to either get off the grid or flee to saner shores entirely. As mass movements away from the matrix and to the countryside begin to pick up pace, the only quibble one can find with Spengler’s prediction is that it is happening ahead of schedule.

It only gets worse from here. Buckle up, its going to be a roller coaster ride to hell and the wise man should learn to start taking care of himself and those he loves.

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